We provide professional insolvency accounting services to corporations across Australia. As insolvency experts, we offer the following experts to our clients:

  • Liquidation of Solvent and Insolvent Companies
  • Voluntary Administration
  • Streamlining of Company Group Structures
  • Informal Workouts and Company Debt Restructuring

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In just 4 simple steps, DCL Advisory can help you to solve your current financial situation


Step 01

Initial Consultation

Have a confidential discussion with one of our experienced advisors to assess your situation. This can be done by phone, net meeting or in person. It is up to you.


Step 02

Look at your options

Once we get a clearer picture of your situation, we can advise you of the best course of action to suit your needs and requirements so that you can get your life back and move forward.


Step 03

Decide on your best way forward

Look at your options and see what makes the BEST SENSE FOR YOU.


Step 04

Let DCL Advisory take control

Put your business in the control of Thomas Dawson of DCL Advisory. We will liaise with all creditors to inform them that we have been appointed and have them contact us directly so you can stop the calls.

We can assist no matter what size, industry or structure your company is.

We have financial strategies to help everyone

  • 01. The Tradie

    You run a small business, you have a young apprentice, business has slowed and the bills are piling up. How do you reset and begin again?
  • 02. The Professional

    You have a dedicated team working for you. You are ready to retire and move on with your life. Should you close down? What will happen to your employees? How do you reset and begin again?
  • 03. The Manufacturer

    You operate a company with a great staff and great products. This year sales have fallen flat and you can see know way of going on. How do you deal with customer expectations? How do you deal with supplier payment demands? How do you deal with employees who aren't sure they are going to get all of their entitlements?
  • 04. I have received an ATO DPN

    You are behind on your tax payments and the Tax Office has issued you a Director Penalty Notice. You have 21 days to decide how to respond.
  • 05. I have received a wind up notification

    The creditors are always chasing and you have now received a Winding Up Notice. What is your next move?
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No matter how complicated your situation is, we will create a strategy to get you through it.

We realise you just want to solve your current financial issues as fast as possible and get you life back on track. With our extensive experience and knowledge in liquidation and voluntary administration, we will find the best course of action for a solution that suits your current financial situation


Helping you through your current financial distress


Liquidation of Solvent and Insolvent Companies

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Streamlining of Company Group Structures

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No matter what your financial situation, our
experienced advisors to help you through it.

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Thomas Dawson

Registered Liquidator
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Thomas has 20 years experience as an insolvency and company turn-ar.ound specialist with Ernst & Young. He has struck out on his own and here he is.

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Brad Calvert

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Brad comes from 25 years Industry experience as General Manager of manufacturing companies. He understands what you are facing